Puerto Rico Fishing Charters

Your adventure will begin at Cangrejos Yacht Club Marina. Your Captain will be waiting for you at Dock E, Slip 117-118. The actual fishing will take place at Torrecilla and San José Lagoons, two of the most exciting inland fisheries in San Juan,Puerto Rico. Your Puerto Rico fishing charters experience includes not only world-class Tarpon and Snook fishing, but also incomparable scenery and wildlife. The very location of these beautiful lagoons guarantees the absolute calmest of waters, which, for our clients, means no getting seasick!  And for our hardcore enthusiasts, remember that the best part of Tarpon fishing in Puerto Rico, is that it's A YEAR-ROUND ACTIVITY!

We have the greatest concentration of Tarpon on the island, allowing us to state that, in a four hour trip, the strike average is at lest 2 to 4 times* in you Puerto Rico Fishing Charter. In some instances, it may go as higher.  Also, these two very special lagoons have been recognized Num 14 best places for Tarpon fishing in the WORLD!!!

Puerto Rico Tarpon Fishing

For Puerto Rico Magic Tarpon Fishing Charters, Our number one priority is providing a unique fishing experience full of fun, enjoyment and relaxation. We guarantee that this particular type of fishing provides all three, resulting in an unforgettable trip for all family members, whether you're an experienced angler looking for unprecedented heavy action or you simply just want to enjoy a beautiful and relaxing day with your family. It doesn't matter. We offer Puerto Rico Tarpon Fly Fishing, Reef fishing, and Tarpon fishing with bait and lures. We will customize the charter to exactly what you're looking for! Rest assured that you'll be given the necessary tips and tricks to help you catch that trophy fish!

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Puerto Rico Fishing Re​port 

*Please be advice that we are going on a Fishing trip and Not a Catching trip.  We do not guarantee that you will hook or catch a Fish.


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