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Puerto Rico Tarpon Fishing with Bait & Lures

puerto rico tarpon fishing
san juan tarpon fishing
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* If the rod or reel get any damage or the rod is lost in the water by the customer, The customer will have to pay full cost of a replacement.
** most of the time the live bait will be caught by the Captain during the fishing trip, the water in the marina is Salt water and  the bait that we are using only survive on Brackish water wish is a  mixture of salt and fresh water​

Bait & Lures

We have a big concentration of Tarpon in the Lagoons but also we have some Snook, Jacks, Lady Fish, Small Barracuda and small Snapper. Puerto Rico Magic Tarpon Fishing charters uses for bait, Threadfin Hearing, Anchovies and Sand Perch. For those customers preferring artificial lures, we have a very good variety of lures that works well in the Lagoon.

San Juan Puerto Rico Tarpon Fishing

In San Juan, Puerto Rico tarpon love the rain and cloudy days. Usually, we have experienced our best day of fishing charters under this weather conditions...

On all our fishing trips, we use live bait and dead bait. For our customers who "love the lure", that too is provided upon request!

All Puerto Rico Tarpon Fishing Trips will include:

  • Beverages (water and sodas)

  • Puerto Rico Fishing Licenses
  • Full Tackle*
  • Captain approved by the USCG
  • Boat approved by the USCG and the Government of PR
  • Boat fully insured
  • Live or Dead Bait**

Prices 4 Hour Trip:                            
1 person $330.00 + GSC                                 
2 persons $360.00 + GSC                       

3 persons $400.00 + GSC                       
4 persons $460.00 + GSC 

6 hrs trip +$130.00 to the 4 hrs trip + GSC          

Gas Service Charge (GSC) :

4hrs bait and Lures
1-3 pax $20 total
4 pax $25 total

6hrs bait and Lures
1-3 pax $30
4 pax $35